In a highly competitive environment, insurance companies must accelerate their digital transformation strategy and reinvent the customer experience they offer.

Customer communication management plays a key role in this strategy. It represents a special point of contact in the customer journey and a moment of important honesty in the relationship with the policyholder: Quotation, contracting, certification and online declaration become the markers of an innovative and stand-out service.

The Business Document offer accelerates the implementation of your digital communication and helps you reinvent your customer relationship.

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A modern and personalised relationship
With Bdoc Suite, your communication adapts to new competitive challenges: to ensure responsive and effective digital exchanges between the insured and their representatives, to quickly offer a personalised online service and to cope with the increased requests for quotations, to provide clear and attractive communication about your « extra » services (home security in the event of a claim, transit of a repaired vehicle on request, etc…).

With a unique style guide, in white label or multi-brand, you ensure the satisfaction of your policyholders by customising your communication, for a modern and personalised customer experience in real time.


A perfect response for managing claims documents
Integrated with your business applications, Bdoc Suite enables your account managers to quickly and easily create policyholders’ claims documents and update them interactively.

All the elements in a file (declaration, additional documents, confirmation of support, etc.) can be instantly exchanged between policyholders, manager and third parties, by email or via your customer portal. The manager can even finalize the documents away from the office using a touchscreen tablet, to add information or any photos taken on site, before validation.



Control the impact of regulatory obligations
Regulatory obligations in the insurance world are onerous and high impact: Hamon law on the terminating insurance, Eckert law on unclaimed life insurance, Solvency II European Directive, etc…

With Bdoc Suite, managing and updating contractual documents is carried out centrally within a single repository. Errors and risks are controlled for all your models, regardless of the volumes and the number of channels addressed.

You optimise the document management costs and deadlines related to insurance regulatory constraints.


Think about your future strategy by relying on your digital communication
The insurance world is at the beginning of its revolution. Smart objects are opening the way to new models: « Pay how you drive », surveillance of places or people’s health while the first « smart contracts » are appearing, exploiting blockchain technology.

In this context, the digital customer dialogue carries strategic data. Bdoc Suite allows you to anticipate these challenges thanks to end-to-end communication management.



Success Story Mgefi

25% fewer claims in one year. Incoming calls reduced by 30%. Depreciation of the investment visible on 1 operation