Front Office – Back Office

Thanks to its agile design, Bdoc Suite establishes a repository of cross media document templates .

These templates are directly usable through your business applications (ERP, CRM, software packages, specific developments, etc.) or your websites, and from your business contexts (subscription, sale, management, notifications, claims, litigation, etc.)

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Bdoc Suite enriches your business applications with different modes of document generation:

  • Automatic generation of the document at the request of the user (manager or customer)
  • Interactive writing, which allows a personalised but controlled modification of the document by the manager.
  • Mass generation


More generally, Bdoc Suite will be the document composition service of your Information System integrated into your business applications; it will also interface with your EDM system; electronic signature, your multichannel printing or delivery channels, your directories, etc…

The simplicity of the Bdoc Suite interfaces, designed to recall office tools, are easily handled by your managers. As Bdoc Suite integrates with your PC, touch-sensitive or web-based business apps, your users stay within their business context and have all the latest features of customer communication management.

Whether their professional context relates to: Front Office with the customer (branch office), or by telephone (call centre), Back Office (management), business users have, thanks to Bdoc Suite, dynamic and personalised documents, unified by your style guide and in accordance with preferred communication channels (email, paper, SMS, etc.). They have the option of communicating effectively and in real time with your customers or users, by choosing the relevant cross media channel.


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