Agile design

Your company or organisation is looking for an efficient way to establish new customer relationship documents and their regulatory or business intelligence evolutions.

Bdoc Suite allows you to create Cross Media communication representative of your organisation’s image and level of service and unified by your style guide.

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Thanks to the Bdoc Suite repository that references all the reusable components of your documents (texts, clauses, images, style guides, data, etc.), it is easy and quick to define new document templates, in particular the management documents that your businesses need.

The roles within your organisation (IT, Professions, Lawyers, etc.) work on a unique and shared template repository according to their rights and profiles. Bdoc Suite optimises and distributes the design of the templates across different profiles and each representative controls the elements relating to their work.


The IT Department focuses on the technical aspects of documents (data for example) while the designers at last have the autonomy they need to update a contract clause, which will be validated by the Lawyers. The design interfaces of Bdoc Suite adapt to the profiles of your employees: experts in creating document templates, or simply administrators of a library of correspondence.

Your document templates more effectively follow the business intelligence or regulatory responsiveness your business requires. Each of the authorised changes made by a representative is automatically reflected on all relevant document templates. Imagine how simple, fast, and immediate it becomes to change a logo for your new style guide on all of your documents or change a clause on all of your contracts thanks to Bdoc Suite.

Bdoc Suite’s agile design enables the definition and administration of dynamic, customised, multi-language, multi-brand, cross media and Responsive Design document templates .

Design, administration, maintenance and evolutions of document templates are faster and easier with Bdoc Suite. Your costs are optimised and the return on investment (ROI) is both qualitative and financial.


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