Through your online services, your customers themselves play a role in the management of your business activity.

Bdoc Suite integrates with your web sites and portals and generates real-time documents in PDF, multi-media and touch-sensitive digital documents for mobile devices (HTML5).

Document templates from the Bdoc Suite repository (agile design) address cross media communications to your customers on different communication channels: paper, email….

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For example, you need to generate online certification: make it available in PDF format.

But for an information statement or a quote, make it available in SmartBdoc (HTML5).

In SmartBdoc, your document is not static like a PDF. Presented in the form of Responsive Design tabs, it becomes an integral part of your website and allows a multimedia and touch-sensitive information route: sortable tables, videos, map interactive maps, etc,. are all elements that you could not insert into a PDF but that are easy to use in a SmartBdoc. Your communication takes on another dimension for your customer.

Thanks to geolocation, the SmartBdoc presents personalised information not only in relation to the business context but also in relation to your customer’s location: imagine how simple it would be to show them a map of your nearest branches.

SmartBdoc seamlessly integrates with online configurators or underwriters, sales support tools, online services displaying statements (bank statements, service statements, communication statements, etc.) information or product sheets.

As required, the same Bdoc Suite document template can be made available a document in PDF format or in SmartBdoc format. Your website or customer can therefore choose the format best-suited to the context.

With SmartBdoc, you offer your customers, your users, your partners a new way to communicate with dynamic, manipulable, touch-sensitive and Responsive Design information that is distinctive from simple static PDF documents.

Previously a simple reader, your customer now plays a proactive role in your communication.


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