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The relationship between customers and their banks is changing rapidly and profoundly. In a rapidly changing industry where new players are innovating and offering disruptive solutions, traditional players need to rethink the processes and tools that ensure their customers’ experience meets the challenges. Traditional players need to rethink the processes and tools that ensure their customers have an experience that meets the challenges.

The digitalisation of document management is central to this transformation strategy.

Interactivity, immediacy, confidentiality and traceability are now essential to establish a relationship of trust and stand out from the competition.

Inetum’s Business Document platform facilitates the implementation of digital document management and places your customers at the heart of the exchanges.



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Create a personalised and cross-media communication

With Business Document platform, your customers can access information that is up-to-date, personalised and adapted to the reading medium (paper, screen, smartphone, tablet…) any time, anywhere. Letters, testimonials, account statements or loan simulations are available on their computers and mobile devices and automatically adapt to each medium to provide an enriched and high-quality customer experience.

You increase the impact of your communication and create a unique bond of trust with your customers.



A Swiss bank

« The use of the Business Document platform has enabled us to reduce the time taken to process our customers’ contact files by a factor of three. »




Your customers play a role in their communication

Thanks to Business Document platform, your customers interact directly with the documents made available to them on their smartphone or via their online banking access: correspondence exchanges or appointment confirmations are immediate thanks to emails, while online bank statements are enriched with sortable transaction tables, graphs, explanatory videos and links to financial products adapted using SmartBdoc.

You offer an interactive and innovative digital dialogue within your current documents.




Reduce the costs of regulatory compliance

By using Business Document platform, contractual document templates such as credit offers, management statements or securities transactions are checked and updated centrally to meet the requirements of banking legislation. You avoid any risk of error or oversight, whatever the volume and the number of channels that you are dealing with.

You therefore reduce the costs and delays linked to making your documents compliant with regulations.



A Belgian bank specialising in credit

« Thanks to the use of the Business Document platform, we can now consider halving the fixed costs linked to the control of files before payment. »




Anticipate the issues facing the bank of the future

The digital bank sees traditional players facing the emergence of new players and new approaches in the customer relationship (online banking, branch 2.0, etc.). These approaches take place via a thorough knowledge of each customer to anticipate their behaviour. This strategic challenge, driven by Big Data, AI and Machine Learning strategies, involves collecting and analysing customer data.

Whatever the channels, the dialogue established through customer communication management is a fundamental source of data.
With Business Document platform, this strategic capital, managed end-to-end from the customer to your information system, allows you to score a decisive competitive advantage.



Success Story Uff

Advisers have tablets and UFF wanted to be able to give them the ability to edit PDF documents after completing their customer appointments. […] With Bdoc Suite, all the forms are embedded in a platform that allows you to generate forms dynamically when you need them and as many times as you want.