The service sector is experiencing a strong transformation drive, linked in particular to the impact of digitisation on uses and processes, but also to the emergence of new business models: e-commerce, digital platforms, mobile payment, or the « uberisation » of services are redefining the competitiveness criteria in the sector.

In this context, controlling customer communication is a strategic challenge aimed at offering a renewed and cross-media customer experience of existing services and to support new innovative offers.

The Business Document offer assists you in the implementation of this digital communication.

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Modern and personalised communication whatever the medium

With Plateform Business Document, your customers can access documents and forms from any device at any time : Membership or subscription form, welcome letter, email newsletter, online contracts, invoices, smart meter statements, etc…

You send your customers up-to-date, personalised information adapted to each type of media: Simple mail, concise and targeted emails or rich and dynamic web pages integrated into your portals, it’s you who maximises the impact of your communication.





Digitise your communication management processes

Integrated into your business applications, Plateform Business Doucment is the ideal solution for digitising and streamlining the management of documents between different representatives in areas such as the processing of complaints and customer follow-ups, subscriptions (letters, invoices, statements, etc.), litigation correspondence and legal contracts, HR and temporary employment documents, etc.

You optimise your competitiveness by offering instant exchanges via email or through your portals and mobile apps. You offer a fast and secure validation circuit with electronic signature integrated into the documents themselves.

Multi-language or multi-brand, you manage your documents in a transverse way and meet the expectations of your customers and partners in an effective and controlled way.




Boost your business relations processes

Thanks to Inetum’s Business Document platform, the exchange of digital information between the participants in a business relationship facilitates transactions and validation processes.

Each of the parties can consult their activity reports at any time, monitor the progress of their contracts, reorder tasks that are falling behind and adjust the priorities of the processes involved.

Approval processes are facilitated by the automatic exchange of approval documents directly generated by changes in the status of ongoing tasks.

The integration of an electronic signature mechanism allows partners to formalise exchanges and make them available in a format that can be used in court in the event of conflicts or disputes.




Secure your customers’ data

By deploying the Business Document platform, the documents exchanged are automatically supported in verification and fraud detection processes.

Through the management of customer profiles associated with documents, archiving and retention rules are applied and help you to have a clear vision in terms of RGPD compliance.

Contract or subscription templates are updated centrally by your desktop publishing teams or business designers.




Support innovative approaches

With ever more disruptive technologies (SaaS, smart objects, augmented and virtual reality, Big Data and customer behaviour analysis, AI, etc.) driven by groups like Google and Amazon and boosted by new players such as Netflix and Uber, service providers are facing a race for the innovation that can adapt their services.

These innovations rely heavily on the use of customer data as a fundamental source of information and analysis.
With Plateform Business Document, the dialogue established via the documents and their interactions is an important source of data, which you control from start to finish.