Cross Media

Your customers are no longer satisfied with postal communication. They now read your messages in their mobile phone email inbox, look at them in their web space on a tablet, or respond via social media.

Bdoc Suite transforms traditional paper communication into cross-media communication integrating digital communication including social media.

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You can now communicate with your customers or users not just by paper but also by email, SMS, fax; you can send notifications to smartphone apps or social media (twitter,…). You can upload personalised and real-time documents to your websites or customer spaces (SmartBdoc).

Thanks to the agile design , you use the Bdoc Suite repository to create templates for Responsive Design documents made available on different channels such as paper mail or email.


Via their apps, your business users communicate in the way each of your customers prefer because the modern customer journey is cross media and digital. Registered mail or sending an email? The same Bdoc Suite document template is used and adapts the response to the desired channel.

Another example: with a Bdoc Suite document template, you can make a contract available online, have it electronically signed in PDF, send a SMS notification about it and put an overview in the form of a touch-sensitive web document on the customer portal.

SmartBdoc  is an innovative dimension of the digitisation of customer communication; they transmit your messages in a new, modern and distinctive way. Previously a simple reader, your customer now plays a proactive role in your communication.


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Success Story Maaf

Bdoc Suite implements the multichannel distribution of 250,000 mailings per day to our various targets: email, enveloping, EDM, COLD, etc.