Mass generation

The cross-media document templates designed  in Bdoc Suite (agile design) are used to produce all your mass generation of document batches (paper, emails, web ..).

Bdoc Suite generates batches of monthly invoices or statements, weekly reminders, quarterly or annual contribution requests, and all the other batches of documents that your business environment calls for.

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Bdoc Suite production jobs define the composition and ditribution rules of documents. Depending on your choice, Bdoc Suite send the documents produce on your equipment (printers, enveloping machines, etc.) or make them available to an external service provider (maker, printing centre, email router, etc.) for distribution.

In concrete terms, Bdoc Suite can control your printers and your enveloping machines, or send a printable file to a print provider. The users have the Passed for Print feature that allows them to control or validate print editions.

Bdoc Suite allows you too to calculate and optimise postage costs (industrial mail, Tempost …) or send documents by email.

And also, deposit the documents in a secure web space and notify the contact person while securing the important documents in your EDM or with an electronic signature.

Thanks to cross media templates , you operate your mass generation of documents for all communication channels: paper, email, fax, SMS, websites and web portals, social media, etc….

Bdoc Suite responds to the specific requirements for mailings of hundreds or thousands of documents, just as it does to the requirement for industrial productions of several million documents (ADF).


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Success Story Mgefi

25% fewer claims in one year. Incoming calls reduced by 30%. Depreciation of the investment visible on 1 operation