Our vision

Our vision

Bdoc Suite

A forerunner in the « interactive » approach of CCM since its origins, Business Document continues to evolve its offer to propose innovative solutions. The Bdoc Suite offer meets the new imperatives of customer communication management related to digital transformation:

  • The customer decides on the communication: They don’t wait for the information to be sent to them but access information whenever and wherever they wish (online banking site, customer areas, smartphone, social media, etc.),

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  • The customer plays a proactive role in the communication: They don’t access static information but rather interact in real time with it and share it,
  • The information is multifaceted: Its form and content must adapt according to its use and communication media to optimise the customer experience: paper, email, SMS, social media…

In a concrete and simple way, Bdoc Suite assists the implementation of a new customer communication experience that is fluid and connected.


5 good reasons to choose the Bdoc Suite service

1.  A solution that responds in a global way to the current challenges companies face in relation to customer communication management

2. A solution that facilitates the implementation of a « User Centric » approach to communication

3. The only CCM solution that offers end-to-end interactivity from the manager to the end user

4. A solution that enables agile collaboration between business services and IT teams

5. Functional richness and « Product » ergonomics that impress users