Platform Business Document


With its integrated sharing, omnichannel distribution, business workflow and digital document functionalities, the Business Document platform offers your internal teams and your customers a new, fluid and innovative experience of collaboration and dialogue.

Modular and integrable, the platform also adapts to your needs and your information system thanks to its APIs and multiple connectors.

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Omnichannel sharing and distribution

You can securely communicate the content and documents managed by the Business Document platform to your customers or employees.

Content from the archive is restored in its original form and your employees can annotate it.

Documents intended for your customers are produced and routed to the distribution channels of your choice: your internal equipment, your print providers or email distribution systems, etc.





The workflow engine, integrated into the heart of the Business Document platform, is the orchestra conductor of your content management and customer communication.

From the capture of incoming content to the response to your customers, it dynamically manages the cycle and path of each document, its security and confidentiality strategy, archiving and retention, and triggers the response production and distribution processes.





SmartBdoc: The digital document

SmartBdoc is an innovative digital media based on HTML5 technology, allowing you to respond to the new digital uses of your customers through personalised and multimedia communication. Responsive design, integrating dynamic images, videos and interactive navigation, SmartBdoc allows your customers to access only the content that interests them in the form that interests them.






Connectors and APIs

Business Document is an open platform offering connectors to dialogue with the tools and solutions of your information system:

  • Advanced OCR
  • Addon Office Documents
  • Data Connector
  • eSignature Connector: the connector dialogues with electronic signature solutions such as Universign and Connective,…
  • Email Connector such as SendInBlue.

Business Document is an easily integrated platform, thanks to its standard API and workflow formats.