Platform Business Document


The Business Document platform classifies and archives all your incoming and outgoing content and internal documents, regardless of their format, as well as the associated metadata.

Its ergonomic and customisable user portal offers your managers a flexible and collaborative tool for searching, viewing, annotating and sharing archived content.

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With its compression, authentication and encryption features, the archiving engine allows you to archive all your documents and data and acts as a centralised safe with evidential value.







#Security and compliance

To ensure the security and traceability of your content and to help you guarantee regulatory compliance, the Business Document platform offers a range of dedicated tools such as the authentication module and the RGPD module.

All of these tools allow you to protect and encrypt all your business documents as well as your data and archives.





 #User portal

The content management user portal offers your employees quick access to search, view, annotate and share archived content.
It includes an administration interface that allows you to define your access rights to archives and data by users and user groups.

  • Dashboards that can be configured and customised by your users themselves
  • Instant viewing of archived content, with the possibility of annotating it without altering the archive
  • Intuitive and powerful search engine