Platform Business Document


The Business Document platform allows you to capture and process your incoming content for archiving.

It optimises the automatic processing of your incoming flows and reduces manual processing and the risk of errors.

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The Business Document platform scans all your paper documents, with or without character recognition (OCR – Optical Character Recognition , ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition).

The documents are converted if necessary and their content is automatically indexed to optimise their classification, search and management in collaborative mode.






#Advanced OCR

The Advanced OCR module automatically recognises the nature of a document from its content. Business Document automatically extracts, classifies and indexes your customers’ data and documents, eliminating manual sorting and errors.

Advanced OCR allows you to define document recognition « templates » to identify the type of document (invoice, contract, etc.) and the data fields to be extracted.





#Email scanners

Business Document captures email (and fax) objects from your messaging tools (Outlook, Lotus). Management rules are proposed to you to integrate with your email operating strategy and your company’s confidentiality policy, such as: automatic assignment of generic emails to employees.