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Business Document : CCM solution – Desktop publishing

A forerunner in the « interactive » approach to desktop publishing – CCM (Customer Communication Management) since its inception, Inetum, with its Business Document platform, continues to develop its offer to provide innovative solutions.

The Business Document platform meets the new requirements of customer communication management linked to digital transformation:

– The customer decides on the communication: He does not wait for the information to be transmitted to him but accesses the information when and where he wants it (online banking site, customer areas, smartphone, social networks, etc.),

– …

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  • The customer is an actor in the communication: He does not access static information but interacts in real time with it and shares it,
  • Information is multiform: its form and content must be adapted according to its use and the communication media to optimise the customer experience: paper, email, SMS, social networks, etc.

The Business Document platform contributes in a concrete and simple way to the implementation of a new fluid and connected customer communication experience.

5 good reasons to choose the Business Document platform for your publishing and CCM needs

  1. A solution that provides a comprehensive response to the current challenges of managing corporate customer communication
  2. A solution that facilitates the implementation of a « user-centric » approach to communication
  3. The only CCM solution that offers end-to-end interactivity, from the manager to the end user
  4. A solution that enables agile collaboration between business and IT teams
  5. A wealth of functions and « Product » ergonomics that users approve of