Our vision

Our vision

From desktop publishing to CCM

In a B2C context, where the quality of the relationship with the end customer has become a major issue in winning and retaining customers, the document is an essential link between the company and its customers, or between an organisation and its users. Whether in paper format or in digital format, both its form and its content must guarantee a high-quality, personalised, interactive and innovative customer experience.

Customer communication management is a strategic point for companies.

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CCM: Customer Communication Management

CCM (Customer Communication Management)is the natural evolution of processes borne out of desktop publishing. It encompasses the management of traditional documentary production (paper mail, print channels) and extends it to the requirements of cross-media communication (email, smartphone, tablet, social media, etc.) that is agile, adapted to new uses and controlled from start to finish.

A CCM solution creates a repository of document resources that centralises and standardises the company’s document templates: Customer relationship letters, notification mails, invoices, contribution requests, subscription management, loan or insurance offers, claims declaration, periodic statements, annual reports, etc.

It provides the end customer with personalised information at the right time, for the right use and on the right medium.

It guarantees the company a simple and controlled management of this communication whatever the distribution channels and the production context (mass, transactional or interactive edition).

The benefits to expect from a CCM solution

  • Increasing loyalty and winning new customers by creating an innovative and personalised relationship.
  • Optimising the image conveyed by your company.
  • Establishing an end-to-end interactive dialogue with your customers, the very focus of your communication
  • Improving the responsiveness of your communication and the time-to-market of your products by reducing the time required to update documents and messages. Thanks to an agile design, your business users play a direct role in the documentary process in collaboration with the desktop publishing and IT departments.
  • Standardising and optimising your application architecture by deploying a cross-functional communication management solution integrated with your business applications, your CRM tools and your mass production chains.
  • Reducing the costs of regulatory compliance of contractual documents and control risks through a centralised document repository.