EDM or Electronic Document Management



What is EDM?

EDM, or Electronic Document Management, is the set of IT processes aimed at optimising the circulation, security and use of all types of documents in a company. It deals with both incoming and outgoing documents in a centralised and systematised way.

The main functionalities offered in an EDM solution to manage all these document and information flows, whether they are in paper or electronic format, are

  • Scanning of paper documents
  • Automatic capture of emails and content
  • Indexing
  • Storage and archiving of documents and files
  • Data security management of digitised documents
  • Authentication of archived information
  • Search and quick consultation of contents
What are the benefits for your company or organisation?

In a context of exponential growth in digital flows, controlling the various documents and associated data circulating in your company has become an essential issue.
Document and content management allows you to bring more coherence to your company.
Thanks to the controlled digitisation of documents and content, access to information is structured and your company improves its internal work organisation and gains in efficiency.

The implementation of an EDM software will ensure :

  • A reduction in costs: a net reduction in costs related to paper printouts and mailings
  • An increase in productivity thanks to documents that are easily accessible by all
  • Simplification in the search of electronic documents and contents
  • Optimisation of information security
  • Centralization of company data
  • Reduction of the risk of losing a document


EDM: the benefits for your customers or users

Did you know that 40% of working hours are wasted searching for information
(source: Information & Management Association)

For your users, the implementation of a document management software allows to overcome this problem because they have immediate access to the information they are looking for. At the same time, they optimise their daily tasks thanks to the centralisation of the company’s data; everyone works on the same documents and keeps them permanently at hand while guaranteeing management of access and modification rights… which constitutes a considerable saving of time.
Your employees thus gain in efficiency and productivity.


According to Markess, « More than 1 in 2 decision-makers believe that business performance depends on improving document management processes ».

Indeed, electronic document management is essential to the smooth running of your company or organisation.
It encourages collaborative work between your employees, suppliers and partners thanks to the implementation of Workflow to optimise your business processes.
Your organisation becomes more agile, which allows you to respond quickly to your customers’ requests in a personalised manner.
This document management allows you, for example, to offer your customers simplified access to their documents. They can consult the information they need at any time and on the medium of their choice. They can also fill in forms online, sign electronically and download supporting documents.
Information flows seamlessly between your company and your customers.
Processes are simplified, smooth and shortened, and this high level of responsiveness will result in greater customer satisfaction.

Electronic Document Management process: the main stages
The 4 main stages of an EDM solution

  • Acquisition
    Digitisation of paper documents
    Collection of digital documents (EDI, Emails, …)
  • Processing
    Automatic and/or manual processing
    reconciliation of quotation and invoice
    Validation circuit
    Collaborative work managed by workflows
  • Dissemination
    Multi-channel distribution of documents
  • Archiving
    Archiving of documents for retention
    Management of retention periods and authentication
Business Document: the EDM solution from the Inetum group

Inetum’s Business Document platform meets your need for electronic document management.

It allows you to organise and retrieve all your :

  • content
  • incoming and outgoing documents from your information system
    as well as their associated data
  • by offering them secure archiving.

Its dynamic and user-friendly portal, a real point of difference compared to competing offers, allows business users to find all documents or content through user-friendly interfaces.

Business Document is positioned as a complete document management and archiving tool.


The expected benefits of the Business Document platform :

  • Reduce your document process management costs by 30%.
  • Optimise search time for scattered information by 50%.
  • Achieve 25% savings in error correction management
  • Reduce the time it takes to deliver contracts and letters to your customers
  • Time-to-Market: send contracts in real time
  • Reduce IT deployment costs: quick and easy integration
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty