The insurer AND-E relies on Business Document to optimise its customer workflows



Can you introduce yourself and AND-E?

 I am Elvien Mootien, IT Manager of ANDIE Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance.

ANDIE is an insurance company specialising in the motor sector.

We assist individuals and companies in car insurance, fleet insurance, and also related insurance such as financial insurance and warranty extensions.

In a few figures, ANDIE has been in business for over 30 years, has 70 employees in Andie France and manages 36,000 insurance contracts nationwide.


When did you start working with Inetum?

Our collaboration with Inetum started 13 years ago…

In 2006 we decided to internalise all our IT functions.

In particular, we wanted to manage all document management in-house: Underwriting, contract management, claims processing, etc.

With Inetum, we launched a first project concerning desktop publishing: the creation of documents, sending them to clients, and archiving.

We needed a stand-alone tool that could interface with our back office, because what we were looking for was the ability to secure and automate our processes.

The solution also allows our teams to customise documents very quickly, without the risk of error, thanks to the document repository and the automation of distribution workflows.


What were the results of the solution?

The implementation of this solution has been a real success.

Thanks to the automation of many tasks, we have increased the productivity of our employees by more than 20%.

They have been relieved of recurring tasks, which frees up their time for more interesting assignments with higher added value for our customers.

The scalability of the tool is another strong point of this solution.

After this success in France, the group deployed the solution in Germany and Italy, where the contexts and volumes are very different, but where the solution is still as effective.


After Outbound Communication Management, Inbound EDM … How is the solution evolving?

The second project was to optimise our inbound EDM, for which we chose Inetum’s ECM-GED brick.

This subject was essential in order to pursue our digitalization ambition, and to continue to improve our customer experience.

Our ambition is to respond in less than 48 hours to each incoming request, regardless of its complexity.

For our teams, the solution provides real user comfort, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

This comfort is also linked to the automation of the most tedious tasks.

For management, the solution generates a real gain in productivity, monitoring and reliability.

And finally, for our customers, the solution allows us to be more responsive in processing their requests.


How would you assess your relationship with Inetum?

After 13 years of collaboration with Inetum, the results are obviously positive.

We now have a partner relationship, rather than a client-supplier relationship, which allows us to think together about future developments.

The Inetum teams understand our context and our constraints, which naturally makes exchanges much more fluid.