Business Document, subsidiary of Gfi becomes Inetum





A variation on the Latin word “incrementum” which means growth, and which signals the culmination of
a continuous growth strategy led through organic development and successive acquisitions to expand
our offer of solutions and roll it out worldwide.


Positive digital flow

We believe that we have entered an era after digital transformation where needs and usages are continuously being reinvented,
and where it has become vital to adapt to an ongoing digital flow in order to open up positive economic, managerial and social perspectives.

Showing pragmatism and daring, Inetum’s mission is to help our clients make the most of this digital flow
by relying on a three-pronged approach of local presence-closeness, automation-industrialisation-digitalisation, and solutions-innovation.



A powerful ambition

 It is of course to you that we owe this success!
We have travelled this road with our eyes fixed on an essential priority – our clients. And we want to be even closer
to your business strategy to innovate and push the

boundaries together. This new stage is driven by the possibility of growing with you, and of keeping your trust
so that we may continue to demonstrate our commitment.

Our teams will contact you shortly to talk about this new phase in our relationship, and to share our convictions.
We are about to write a new chapter in our history. And we want to do it with you.

Together, we are going to make this new digital world a world of success and commitment for your company.


Kind regards, 

Vincent Rouaix
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


* The new company name will become legally effective on 1 January 2021.



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