Business Document a subsidiary of Gfi becomes inetum

We’ve been growing along with a changing society, economy and new technologies, yet maintained our entrepreneurial culture and the daring spirit of our beginnings. Today we are getting ready to write a new chapter in our history.


We have entered a new post-digital-transformation era.

An era where needs and usages are being reinvented non-stop.

It became necessary for us to anchor this new reality of the Group and at the same time turn a new page.


On 1 October 2020, Business Document a subsidiary of Gfi changes its name.


A new name that embodies our new ambition to show what we have become: an international, integrated group with 27,000 talented people in 26 countries and significantly reinforced capacities to operate locally and even closer to our clients.


  • We have more than doubled in size, pushing our turnover up from €1 billion to €2.3 billion thanks to a proactive strategy of mergers and acquisitions combined with strong organic growth.
  • An integrated group with geographically balanced activities allowing us to provide extended, reinforced capacities and offers to our clients.
  • A unique European FabLab network that keeps expanding, with over 300 digital experts.


We believe that this digital flow must go into boosting the performance and positive impact of companies, organisations, institutions, and society as a whole.


Our mission is therefore to help our clients get the best out of this digital flow by relying on a three-pronged approach of proximity-closeness, automation-industrialisation-digitisation, and solutions-innovation.



#Positive digital flow